Arti Enterprise, “Leads the Way” in deep hole drilling. With over 3 decades of innovating and perfecting the art of gun drilling, we have a wealth of experience that is un-matched within the machining industry. Innovators since our founding in 1985, everything that we do today has grown from our ability to drill deep and straight holes in long parts or unusual shapes. Whether the requirements are a uniform walled tube, an off-center blind hole, or a bore directed to hit a critical “target” zone,Arti Enterprise, has the capability, knowledge, and overwhelming drive to satisfy your needs. We produce the deepest depth/diameter ratios, the tightest positional tolerance, and closest concentricity in the industry.

Arti Enterprise has a world-leading reputation for the job work, development and design of dedicated Deep Hole Drilling job in the diameter range of 0.5mm to 150mm with drilling depths up to 5000mm and special applications up to 12 meters hole depth.

Whether your enquiry is for an independent job, a flexible solution for a range of different drilled parts or a high production multi-spindle job for the automotive industry, Arti Enterprise has the answer to your valued requiremnent.


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