A deep hole is defined by its depth to diameter ratio (D:d), typically greater than 10:1. Deep Hole Drilling is a precision process to drill deep holes in a variety of materials, from aluminum to super alloys. Good finish, tight diameter control and straightness are part of the finished process with deep hole drilling methods.

Deep hole drilling is beneficial across several applications Oil and gas exploration equipment, armaments, aerospace equipment, and engines are common applications for deep hole drilling and machining processes. In each of these industries, hole qualities are necessary for high-performance end products, such as landing gear that easily retracts. Production requires deep hole drilling that is reliable, accurate, and time-efficient.

We offer high efficiency Deep Hole Drilling Service. This job caters to the wide ranging industrial requirements. These products consume very little power and are reputed for their durable nature. We ensure the products undergo multiple physical and electrical tests before these are released into the clients.