We manufacture the Injection Molding Screw Job Work as per our client`s machine standard and design. We give a proven design of Injection Molding Screw Job Work to deliver the highest through put and superior melt quality. In Injection Molding Screw Job Work we also introduce the barrier design is especially effective with polyolefin and styrene based resins. Injection Molding Screw Job Work provides mixing quality 3-5 times better than a single stage design.

We work directly with the manufacturer of the Plastic Injection built Screws, Barrels and Screw Tips. This way we can assure you get the highest quality product in the market.

We supply screws, barrels, and tip assemblies for the injection molding industry as well as supplying the screws and barrels for the extrusion industry. We build to OEM specifications and hold tighter tolerances as well. We build for many of the OEM’s .We also can help with up sizing or downsizing packages for almost any certain process to deliver a full custom tailored package to meet your production needs.

•We stock & Supplies all Size Screw Tips.

•We Supply Screw Tips in high wear or GP designs to fit any Screw tips for Injection Molding Machines.

•We supply New Injection Molding Screws & New Extruder Screws also Rebuilt Injection Molding Screws and Extruder Screws, Mixing Screws, Barrier designs, High Wear Components in any machine size or manufacturer.

•We supply Barrels made with corrosion resistant, GP and wear resistant liners. We can supply any make or brand.