Arti Enterprise is best known for custom mold bases. However, we accept contract mould drilling & gun drilling in standard and metric .250-2.0 capacity (larger diameter holes up to 2.75 inches can be obtained with special tooling), spot faces, counter bores, special angle set-ups and taps with a quick turn-around. We utilize both conventional and STS drilling.

The standard method of cooling is to pass a coolant (usually water) through a series of holes gun drilled through the mold plates. We have several table gun drilling machines to service all our mold and die customers. We understand the need for accuracy and turnaround. Properly gun drilled molds will increase production. The coolant absorbs heat from the mold (which has absorbed heat from the hot plastic) and keeps the mold at a proper temperature to solidify the plastic at the most efficient rate. Whether it is gun drilling multiple water lines or gun drilling difficult angle holes, flat or round stock we have a machine to service your gun drilling needs.

Our Deep Hole Gun drilling Machine is built to handle the heaviest of injection molds allowing precise drilling of coolant lines, ejector pin holes, manifolds, hot runner components, etc. It includes an auxiliary spindle for tapping, chamfering and NC milling.

This modern design will improve quality and job turn around, as well as taking another step toward servicing our customers in the plastics, automotive, consumer, energy conversion and electronics industries.
We work with aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, and steel.